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SolidWorks Partnerprodukter

Solidworks Partnerprodukter hjälper dig att ta fram innovativa, högkvalitativa produkter till marknaden snabbare och på ett mer kostnadseffektivt sätt.
Dessa partnerprodukter erbjuder en rad verktyg och applikationer som hjälper dig att utöka nyttan med dina SolidWorks-lösningar.


Portal PLM - smart och säker webbtjänst för SolidWorks Enterprise PDM

PortalPLM är en användarvänlig ”Plug-and-Play” webbtjänst för SolidWorks Enterprise PDM

PortalPLM gör det enklare för företag att få tillgång till dokument och information vilket tar samarbetet både internt och externt till en helt ny nivå.

Med PortalPLM kan användare få tillgång till dokument från alla plattformar: dator, bärbar dator, surfplatta eller smartphones.



Crypt är en Add-on för SolidWorks för att kryptera dokument med hög säkerhet.
Med hjälp av Crypt kan användare kryptera 3D och 2D SolidWorks mappar och filer till ett säkert paket.
Krypterade filpaket kan på ett säkert sätt skickas via e-post till annan mottagare.
Med hjälp av Crypt kan mottagaren dekryptera (avkoda) paketet och fortsätta arbeta på originaldokumenten .

Crypt kan också användas inom ett PDM system och lägger då till ett extra säkerhetslagar för hela lösningen .

Lär dig mer om Crypt


Varför Crypt?

  • Crypt  är utvecklat och baserad på våra kunders önskemål. 
  • Att e-posta 3D-och 2D dokument som bilagor kan vara en potentiell säkerhetsrisk.
  • Genom att  använda Crypt vid samarbete med externa parter erbjuds en hög nivå av säkerhet när man delar värdefull information.








With CATALOGcreator® catalogues can be created either manually or up to a fully automated process using data from any leading ERP or PLM system. This includes exports for the web, CD/DVD and/or interactive published PDF catalogues. With the help of 2D drawings and 3D models, parts can easily be identified within a structured view.   

  • Reduce/Cut time and costs regarding producing and maintaining spare part catalogues
  • Simplify order management and internal processing
  • Avoiding unnecessary communications to clarify mistaken orders
  • Fast and accurate identification of a certain part
  • 3D catalogs: Re-use of Engineering information stored inside the properties of a model file



Related headline:

Assembly level Property Management
Dimension Links, click to see video
Support for SolidWorks Lightweight technology 



FormatWorks is a modular SolidWorks' add-in for import and export wide variety of CAD data formats to SolidWorks.


Support of all native CAD data formats (like CATIA V5 and V4, Pro/E, Unigraphics, SolidWorks, Inventor and others), as well as neutral (STEP, IGES), and kernel formats (Parasolid, ACIS) are available as options and can be configured separately. The automatic repair includes identification and repair of over 70 typical geometry and topology errors on reading stage. The automatic repairs are controlled and always performed within the original model tolerance, which prevents any model deformation.




Iso Works

ISO.Works provides an efficient piping isometric solutions for SolidWorks.

ISO.Works is closing this gap and is providing the efficient solutions of base technology by SolidWorks and Alias. Mechanical and plant engineers will profit of a productive collaboration accrues by the conflation of both systems. ISO.Works exports all important information's of pipes out of Solid Works and create the isometric fully automatically. Advantages of ISO.Works Easy to use, high performance Automatic isometric generation The neutral exchange format; DFX and DWG.





  • MoldWorks® is the premier 3D solid-based mold design application that delivers innovative, intuitive intelligent design tools for the injection molding industry. Incorporates process-specific knowledge of moldmaking in CAMD (Computer Aided Mold Design) software.
  • SplitWorks® is a revolutionary new product, using advanced technology, to automate the process of core and cavity separation and creation for the plastic molding, blow molding, sheet metal (progressive dies, bending), aluminum injecting, investment casting, wax molding for ceramics technology... industries, including advanced technology to update the inserts after any modifications or additions to the part including changed IGES files!




3D Die Design Software for Progressive, Fineblank, Transfer & Draw Dies.

Logopress3™ BLANK
functions allow the user to quickly and easily predict the theoretical blank of 3D formed parts.
The Finite Element Analysis advanced functions helps both at the quotation stage and in the die design process. It minimizes development time in the press. Beyond the Tool & Die Industry's needs, Logopress3™ BLANK can also be used to flatten various applications, such as: cloth, plastics, adhesives, leather, inflatable objects, packaging, etc.
Native SolidWorks™ models as well as imported models can be used. 

Progressive Blank Companion
This is a very much anticipated new add-on, released beginning of 2012. It allows die designers to model the complex shaped intermediate stages of a progressively formed part far faster than ever.

Logopress3 Unbending
Logopress3 Unbending brings additional technology to SolidWorks by analyzing each individual bend and automatically calculating the k-factor/bend allowance so the user no longer has to take an "educated guess" as you used to. Development time is dramatically reduced. 





SimpoeWorks is the first and only complete plastic injection simulation solution fully embedded into the SolidWorks graphic user environment. SimpoeWorks allows SolidWorks users to simulate the complete manufacturing process of their plastic parts, from filling to warpage, without ever leaving their familiar graphic environmen
With SimpoeWorks , SolidWorks users can identify early into the design stage potential manufacturing problems, study alternative solutions and directly assess the impact of such part or process modification, always in the SolidWorks graphic environment. The seamless integration of SimpoeWorks with SolidWorks really "closes the loop" of plastic part design and manufacturing optimization, whatever the complexity and geometry of such parts, shell parts as well as plain solid parts..



Power Surfacing

Power Surfacing

Power Surfacing freeform design combined with SolidWorks® parametric design provides SolidWorks® users with a ground breaking Industrial Design toolkit.

- Do you avoid making changes to surface features because it is too time consuming?
- Do you have difficulty creating aesthetically pleasing Class A surfaces with tangent and curvature continuity?
- Do you need to import polygonal objects created outside of SolidWorks®?

Bringing the Power of Organic SubD modeling to SolidWorks




  • Primitive Shapes - Box, Cylinder, Torus, etc.
  • Creation from SolidWorks® Sketches
  • Import Existing Meshes: Obj or FBX from modo, Maya, etc.
  • Dynamic Push-Pull Editing, Constrained Editing, Soft Selection
  • Basic Modeling Tools: Extrude, Inset, Insert Loops, Bridge
  • Intermediate Tools: Mirror, Bend, Edge Weighting, Subdivide
  • Advanced Modeling Tools: Extend, Edge Extrude, Insert Edge, Thicken, etc.
  • Conversion to Class A SolidWorks® Surface or Solid Bodies
  • Integration with SolidWorks® Feature Tree Editing

Productivity Toolkit

Boost productivity with automated naming and publishing
Productivity Toolkit allows for automatic naming of SolidWorks documents in a structured way. Connect serial number to SolidWorks property tab builder to update custom properties. Productivity Toolkit also rebuilds and updates external documents in real time, to ensure all published documents are always up-to-date. 

Productivity Toolkit Includes:
  • Automated Serial number generator. Write serial number to custom properties, flexible serial number combinations, nNaming of native SolidWorks documents.
  • Automated Transfer properties. Move/Update properties from Part/Assembly to Drawings.
  • Integration to SolidWorks property tab builder. Use SolidWorks property tab settings to connect parameters.
  • Automated publishing of external documents. Automates the task of keeping corresponding documents consistent with their 3D or 2D master  document. Output formats: PDF, DWG, DXF, edrawing, 3dxml, tiff and more.


Connectivity Toolkit

Manage all the items, structures and documents in one interface
Connectivity toolkit is a package of add-on´s for integrating SolidWorks Enterprise PDM to external ERP databases or other systems, implementing import & export functionality for SolidWorks Enterprise PDM databases, automates your daily engineering routines and enable full featured item management.

Connectivity Toolkit includes:

  • ERP add-on for integrating SolidWorks Enterprise PDM to external ERP databases and other systems.
  • ITEM add-on. Create, manage and view your complete product structures at your company – one single source of truth.
  • BATCH add-on. Automate your daily routines. Batch print all the drawings related to project and convert files to another file format. 

Partner products are easy to learn and use, and work together to help you design products better, faster, and more cost efficiently.
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