The first high-end 3D printer at a consumer price


XFAB – high-end 3D printer

XFAB, within the project DWSLAB, is a revolutionary printer, able to bring the technology of professional stereolithography to everyone. Stereolithography is an additive manufacturing technology based on a process of photo-polymerisation for laser-sensitive resins or liquid materials. The object is formed as each of its layers solidifies instantly under the laser beam. The printer also has the most accurate laser on the consumer market. Thanks to its characteristics and the affordable price, this printer is positioned in a market segment that is still unexplored and called “prosumer”.

XFAB is able to produce objects of medium size with a cylindrical printing volume of 180×180 mm using 10 different materials with the most disparate characteristics: from plastic materials like ABS, polypropylene or elastomers, from transparent materials to heat resistant ceramics, from the high definition resins to wax-like investment for casting.



  • XFAB is with affordable price for everyday consumer use and is delivered assembled and ready to use.
  • Intelligent cartridge system for quick material change with no material wastega. Material left in the cartridge can be used to make other objects.
  • The most accurate laser on the consumer market.


  • Easy to use – NAUTA XFAB Edition is high user-friendly editing software included in XFAB. It helps consumers flexibly create designs with little to no training.
  • No material waste – Contains intelligent cartridges refill system with built-in tank.
  • High quality – laser stereolithography makes products more precise and dramatically broadens the choice of materials offered to the consumer.



Patented technology can turn a much wider variety of materials into solid: acrylate resin, ABS-like, polypropylene-like, rigid opaque, transparent, rubber-like, nanoceramic and wax-like for casting investments. This is a printer with 10 quality materials for the widest range of applications.

This is an affordable 3D printer that offers intelligent material changing with intelligent cartridges, no leakages, no need of handling liquids, no tray consumption costs and with quick material change. The material solidifies in a quantity proportional to the object being manufactured without any additional waste. Material left in the cartridge can be used to make other objects.


Materials Range:

  • Invicta 915 – ABS-like, white colour. High impact resistant, functional prototypes, casings, snap-fit parts and assembly applications.
  • Invicta 917 – ABS-like, anthracite gray colour. High impact resistant, functional prototypes, casings, snap-fit parts and assembly applications.
  • Invicta 977 – Polypropylene-like. Flexible, for snap-fit prototypes of mechanical components, lab equipment, appliance parts and casings.
  • Precisa 779 – Rigid opaque, gray colour. For prototypes, toys, high detailed models, marketing samples and patterns for silicon molds
  • Vitra 413 – Standard acrylic, amber colour. General applications.
  • Vitra 429 – Transparent. For clear prototypes, liquid flow visualization, lighting, equipments.
  • Therma 289 – Nanoceramic, light green colour. For thermal resistance tests and high definition models for vulcanized rubber molds.
  • Flexa 692 – Rubber-like, black colour. For prototypes of handles, gaskets, ergonomic tests, functional parts, footwear, wearable devices.
  • Flexa 693 – Rubber-like, transparent. For prototypes of functional parts, gaskets, wearable accessories and prototype molds.
  • Fusia 443 – Wax-like. For lost-wax casting applications.

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