ProX 800/950

Genuine SLA for the ultimate in speed, accuracy and operating economics

ProX 800/950

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The ProX 800 and ProX 950 production printers from 3D systems give you the best of both worlds; a very large build volume for those in need of big prints, combined with the capabilities to print even the most detailed small parts with very high accuracy and sharp edges. They also benefit from the wast possibilities of different printing materials the SLA-technology can offer, you will find a material for every need.


High volume, high accuray, high throughput

One of the areas where the SLA technology excels is prototyping with high detailing. The high accuracy combined with the wide range of materials to choose from enable you to make your prints as close to the end-product as possible. Whether you want to get the look and feel of your design, do a fitting test or a physical test for functionality, the ProJet enable you to print highly detailed models with a smooth finish, in a material that fit you needs.

Big parts are no problem. With up to 1,5 meters of printing space it is one of the largest sized printers on the market, giving you the possibility to produce very large parts in one go, where you would normally need an assembly. With speed, accuracy and surface quality of this level, you can produce low- to medium quantities of your end-product at a lower cost.


  • Print larger products or assemblies quick and easy
  • Choose between a wide range of materials to fit your needs
  • Print parts with even the smallest details intact, and a smooth finish
  • A generous volume, high accuracy and a wide range of materials gives you a wide range of possible applications

  • Technology: Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Build volume: up to 1500 x 750 x 550 mm at 4000 DPI
  • Layer thickness: Automated in build, fine scanning for small features and broader scanning for larger features and internal surfaces.
  • Accuracy: +/- 0,045mm
  • Materials: PP-like, ABS-like, clear, castable, jewelry, dental, though & durable, medical, high temp & composites

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