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ProX 500

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The Pro X 500 SLS printer have the capabilities to produce everything from prototypes to manufacturing of low to medium sized parts. The specifications of the materials are comparable to normal plastics and composites used with traditional manufacturing.

The industrial-grade SLS technology is relied upon by the industry for many years, with excellent part resolution, surface finish and edge definition.



The production ready 3D printer for tough plastic parts

Utilizing the wide range of materials available for the SLS printers, you can produce end-use parts and prototypes for most applications, the materials can in many cases replace parts created using normal methods like molding and machining. The cost of creating a small batch of parts is reduced dramatically compared to traditional methods since there is no, or reduced need for tools or machine setup with 3D printed parts.

Even molds themselves can be produced with SLS technology and can sustain a large number of molded parts depending on the geometry. The cost and time reduction of making molds with 3D printing is huge, and molds can be produced in a few days and at a fragment of the cost compared to several weeks and ten-thousands of euros with traditional methods.



  • Cheaper and faster than traditional manufacturing for low-medium volume production
  • Eliminate time and expense of tooling
  • Design parts for functionality, not for production


  • Technology: SLS
  • Build volume: 381 x 330 x 460 mm
  • Layer thickness: 0.08-0,15 mm
  • Materials: Duraform PA, Duraform HST composite, DuraForm GF, DuraForm EX Natural, Duraform EX black, Duraform TPU Elastomer, DuraForm Flex, CastForm PS

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