SOLIDWORKS och 3DEXPERIENCE i en bundle med obegränsade möjligheter

Right now, we offering an exclusive special deal where you get SOLIDWORKS bundled with 3DEXPERIENCE functionality. Are you curious to know more about the tools included? Then stick around when we tell you more about the capabilities of the bundled software.

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What you get in the bundle is

  • Collaborative Business Innovator for 3DEXPERIENCE – For communication and and to organize the information relevant for you
  • Collaborative Industry Innovator for 3DEXPERIENCE – Provides the PDM functionality to control revision and status of your files
  • Connector for 3DEXPERIENCE in SOLIDWORKS

Let us take a look at the software.

Are you not entirely sure what 3DEXPERIENCE even is? Read our guide here.


The 3D CAD software you – probably – know and love. And if not, we will briefly summarize here.

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD is an intuitive engineering and design tool to speed up your design process.

It is a complete 3D CAD design solution, providing your product design team with all the mechanical design, verification, motion simulation, data management, and communication tools that you need.

Collaborative Business Innovator – for 3DEXPERIENCE

Why invest large amounts of money in cross-company collaboration systems while you can get it as standard with your SOLIDWORKS license?

The Collaborative Business Innovator role is especially designed for 3D CAD users and it eases the communication in product data management.

It is a pre-set role on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with essential applications and services. You can start using it immediately when you log in – it is already there for you in the interface.

The 4 best apps and services in Collaborative Business Innovator

  • 3DDashboard to share information and make it available to everyone in dashboards
  • 3DSwym to act socially with your team members and share ideas in communities
  • 3DPlay to preview designs and show them easily on all devices
  • 3DDrive to securely store, manage and access your data

4 benefits of using Collaborative Business Innovator

  1. You centralize information to monitor all aspects of your business
  2. You collaborate in real time across the entire organization
  3. You access files from any device anywhere anytime
  4. You securely share and store data on the cloud

The applications of Collaborative Business Innovator offer a better way to empower innovation by connecting your employees, partners and customers to share information and collaborate.

Read more about how SOLIDWORKS and Collaborative Business Innovator work together here – we give you specific examples.

Collaborative Industry Innovator – for 3DEXPERIENCE

Collaborative Industry Innovator on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables you to securely store, organize, and manage your content and collaborate in real-time.

It is an extension for the Collaborative Business Innovator role and connects all users in the industry value chain together in an online environment.

It brings you all the essential apps that help for example in managing product design and manufacturing process planning.

3 benefits of using Collaborative Industry Innovator

  1. You collaborate efficiently with your team through secured concurrent access to data
  2. You store all of your product IP including multi CAD design data into one place
  3. You access and start navigating product digital mockups of large designs from any device

The applications of Collaborative Industry Innovator offer a perfect solution when you are looking for a flexible cloud-based data and lifecycle management tool for CAD.

Connector – between SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE

Connector bridges SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

The tool connects SOLIDWORKS with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and enables managing your data on the platform directly from SOLIDWORKS.

The Connector for SOLIDWORKS enables you to access many of the tools found on 3DEXPERIENCE directly within SOLIDWORKS. With it, you can reserve files for editing, update status and revision for files, review and update tasks assigned to you and much more.

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