The Printerview: How to build an efficient 3D printing workflow for volume production

When moving into industrial 3D printing and volume printing, you need to optimize the whole production process to stay efficient and deliver on time, from file preparation to 3D printing and postprocessing.

The Finnish service bureau Ajatec has built a workflow that is a great example of a modern, efficient and highly automated 3D printing production process for volume 3D printing.

In this video, PLM Group’s application specialist Petteri Niemelä, together with Ajatec’s CEO, Dan Björklöf, will guide you through each step of this state of the art industrial 3D printing workflow:

– Why you need to optimize moving from one-offs to serial production
– Efficient file preparation with Materialise Magics
– Volume 3D printing with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology
– Automated postprocessing of parts with DyeMansion Powershot C
– Example of how to move swiftly from idea to finished product with the 3D printed faceshield JuholaPerformance

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